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Introducing our steel product range:

  • Ribbed reinforcing steel bars from Fi 8 to fi 25 with a length of 12m or rolled steel Fi 6.
  • Rectangular and square hollow sections - dimensions from 18x30x2 to 120x120x4, length: 6m.
  • Bars - dimensions from 20x4 to 150x8, length: 6m.
  • Welded black steel pipes - dimensions from 3/8"(16.5mm)x2,0 to 3"(88.9mm)x3,6, length: 6-7m.
  • Welded galvanized steel - dimensions from 1/2"(21.3mm)x2,3 to 2"(60.3mm)x2,9, length: 6-7m.
  • Hot rolled steel equal angles - dimensions from 20x20x2 to 50x50x5 (length: 6m) and from 60x60x6 to 100x100x10 (length: 12m).
  • I-beam - dimensions from 80 to 220, length: 12m.
  • Black sheet metal - dimensions:
    • 1000mm x 2000mm – thickness from 0,5mm to 10mm
    • 1250mm x 2500mm – thickness from 1,5mm to 8mm
    • 1500mm x 3000mm – thickness from 3mm to 8mm
  • Galvanized sheet metal - dimensions: 1000mm x 2000mm, thickness 0,5mm.
  • Trapezoidal sheet metal - dimensions: 2000mm x 1100mm and 2500mm x1100mm.
  • Smooth rods from Fi 8 to Fi 20, length: 6m.
  • Square bars from Fi 10 to Fi 16, length: 6m.
  • Semi-closed channels 80x80x5, length: from 6m to 12m.
  • Cold formed channels - dimensions: from 40x20x3 to 120x60x4, length: 6m.
  • Channels - dimensions: from 50 to 220, length: 12m.